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Using Eload™ on Course – nutrition calculators

Using concentrated solutions for races where eload™ is not the sponsor works very well.

Here is the basic setup then tweek it to your unique liking:

Our entire product range was developed with flexibility and individuation in mind. Your unique fluid and calorie requirements will change depending on event duration / intensity and temperature. We suggest you always start your preparation by using our nutrition calculators.

Assuming you have a jetstream bottle on your bike as well as two bottle cages on the frame, mix an eload™ or eload/FLY concentrate in one of your water bottles. Use one scoop or e-pak per every 500 ml (16 fl oz) of eload that you will need on course (you may want to use our nutrition calculators to pre-determine your total fluid and calorie intake for the bike section). Also add however many Zone Caps you need. Finally, add enough water to make the concentrate.

Mix two additional bottles of normal strength eload™ or eload/FLY as you normally would prepare them.

On race day, dump one of the regular bottles in your jetstream and mount the other one and the concentrate in the cages. When the first jetstream is finished, refill it with the other standard bottle.

For all additional jetstream refills, combine a big squirt of the concentrate with enough supplied course water to achieve your desired dilution/taste.

Fuel Belt/Running
First use our nutrition calculators to pre-determine your total fluid and calorie intake for the run. Then mix a concentrate of eload™ as described above, and place in 2 Fuel Belt containers.

Fill another fuel belt container with normal strength eload™.

When the normal strength eload™ has been consumed, use your concentrate along with the supplied course water at the water stations. Squirt the concentrate into your mouth, and ‘chase’ with the plain water. You will have to experiment with the ratio of concentrate to water that ultimately produces the desired dilution/taste.

In your Fuel Belt container #4 add as many gels as you will need for the race OR alternatively mix up a FLY concentrate according to your individual calorie needs. Consume every 30-45 minutes. You need to note how many calories you are getting per ounce so that you can match your calorie requirements.

TIP: When you prepare your eload energy gel or FLY use markings to show each single serving to make your dosing accurate.

These systems work out very well, and enable you to keep using your preferred brands!

Hope this helps.

Douglas W. Stoddard MD, M Sport Med, Dip Sport Med, ES
Sport Medicine Physician/Medical Director

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