History of Eload Sports Nutrition


Eload was co-founded in 2000 by two athletes, Dr. Douglas W. Stoddard, a leading Canadian sports medicine physician, and Sharon Ellis, a former international level 400m track athlete and recipient of the Australian Institute of Sport Scholarship.

Dr. Stoddard formulated all Eload’s products based on his years of medical and sports medicine training, along with the experience that comes with having consulted with over 20,000 patients in his sports medicine career.

Having been in charge of the medical team for many triathlon events, Dr. Stoddard noticed that many triathletes were suffering from heat-related illnesses, and often were either unable to finish their races, or required urgent medical attention afterwards.

After forty different formulations and multiple field tests, the finished product is a powerful 3 step program to help athletes train harder and increase endurance. Eload is proud to have helped amateur, professional, and Olympic endurance athletes around the world.

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