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Dissolving eload FLY – How to Avoid CLUMPING

Dissolving eload™ FLY™ How to avoid clumps:

3 steps

1)Put 2 scoops of FLY Flavour Free 100% Carbohydrate powder in your water bottle.
2)Add a small amount of plain water to cover your FLY powder by an inch or two.
3)Shake the mix vigorously in your water bottle until dissolved Before adding additional fluid.

• e load FLY is a tasteless 100% Carbohydrate fuel. It can be added to water or to e load endurance formula sport drink. It can be mixed as either a drink or a paste. Use it according to your preference and your individual calorie requirements. Each serving of powder provides 120 calories.

• FLY has 100% Amylopectin content and is virtually tasteless. This is non resistant starch that is readily assimilated. It contains no amylase content and no dispersing agents. Dispersing agents may cause stomach irritation.

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