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You keep me and my clients optimally fueled, with no gastrointestinal issues, with awesome electrolyte replenishment and flavor. The real thing. Good hydration and taste backed by good science. That’s why I love Eload Recovery Formula!

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I had been suffering from stomach bloating and cramps on all my long runs. For one month I did a trial…I ditched all of my other endurance fuels and just stuck with Eload Energy Gel and Eload Zone Caps. Wella! The stomach gas, bloating, and cramping disappeared. Thank you so much! My tummy is forever grateful and I love the fact you don’t use fake flavors or sweeteners in any of your products.

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The product is fabulous. I took the recommended dose of Zone Caps supplements during and after my 93-mile ride and the results were startling. At the completion of the ride I did not experience my usual fatigue and excessive accumulation of lactic acid. My appetite was normal and I did not feel particularly tired the next day. Your product was working well for me. I will definitely use it in the future. Thank you.

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Agave Syrup is NOT a health food

Agave Syrup/Nectar = “High Fructose Cactus Syrup” The marketing of this product leaves consumers believing it is a much healthier sweetening alternative to other sugars. All because it comes from a plant (as does High Fructose Corn Syrup). Let’s put the marketing aside and take a look at what Agave Syrup/Nectar really is. If you … Continue reading “Agave Syrup is NOT a health food”

Carbo Loading – Avoid the top 5 mistakes.

Carbo Loading I have witnessed many endurance athletes over the years who have failed to successfully carbohydrate loading prior to their big event. To help you avoid the common pitfalls I would like to share with you the following background on the technique and tips: What is carbohydrate loading and Who does it benefit? It … Continue reading “Carbo Loading – Avoid the top 5 mistakes.”

eload™ Hydration Formula Sports Drink

A great sport drink helps in the prevention and control of heat stress, primarily by replacing sweat electrolytes and fluid as they are lost. If electrolyte balance is maintained within, and you supply enough fluid to replace losses (see our Race / Nutrition Calculators) you are well on your way to success in the heat! … Continue reading “eload™ Hydration Formula Sports Drink”

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